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All Jetech’s products printed with “Lifetime Guarranty” words that malfunction during normal use process may be repaired free of charge or even replaced with same ones. Scope of Non-free Repair or Replacement Counterfeit products printed with Jetech’s product trademark. Wear and tear of tools products beyond service life. Malfunction of products caused by non-normal use (such as man-made damage, external beating, force majeure, improper use, self-processing, etc.). Circumstances that do not impact the use of products, such as rusting, surface damage, damage of plastic handle and product packaging materials (boxes, hangers, plastic shells, paper cards, etc.). Jetech Tool commits itself to providing perfect service for its customers. We hereby solemnly remind you that if there is any artificial destruction of tools arising out of inappropriate use of them, you will be not entitled to our lifetime Guarranty commitments and that the serious damage will cause unnecessary harm to your health. To this end, please read the product description carefully before correctly using our products.

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